A Penny's Worth
Sports identity designer & co-founder of Brandiose, Jason Klein
Data recovery specialist, Craig Veness
Nature Landscape & Travel Photographer, Alan Majchrowicz
Book Cover Designer, Kirk DouPonce
A Former Superhero
Comedian, Nick Thune
Pianist and Composer, Paul Cardall
Hat Designer, Jim MacLeod
22 Year Old Mayor, Corey Harbison
Minor League Baseball GM, Zach Burek
Comedian, Jimmy Dore

people remember certain things and that's what they remind you about all the time. They'll come and they'll say, "that ball that you got Allan Border out with", now it wasn't a great delivery, but people remember it and that's more what kind of sticks because that's what they remember

Cricket Player, Richard Snell

Cricket Player, Richard Snell
Writer, Christy Marx
Entrepreneur, Aaron Stanton
Magician, Jason Hudy
Identity Designer, Armin Vit
Footballer, Nick Kenny